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By 2025 heat pump installations in the EU are expected to climb from 2m a year in 2021 to more than 4m, according to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA). This global energy watchdog predicts that by 2030 annual installations could reach almost 7m.

Further £1.7 million strategic investment in Zapmap Limited

“To deliver clean power by 2030 a Labour government would work with the private sector to double onshore wind, triple solar power and quadruple offshore wind.”

Nice that GOOD are in the thick of all this. Commercial and home solar energy etc


“Our 407p fair value target suggests 62.8% upside. ”

Good Energy Group PLC (AIM: GOOD), the 100% renewable electricity supplier and energy services provider has launched a new fixed tariff to help EV drivers charge vehicles both at home and on the go.

The tariff offers a market-leading rate of just 7.4p per kWh for overnight charging during a five-hour window, ensuring EV drivers can charge up with 100% truly renewable electricity at home. The tariff also comes with a free premium subscription to Zapmap, the go-to app for EV drivers helping them to search, plan, and pay for public charging.

Zapmap, which Good Energy is a long-term partner of and largest investor in, is the UK’s leading EV charging app with over a million downloads, tracking more than 60,000 charge points with more than 70% providing live data for costs and availability. In addition, a survey by Zapmap found that EV drivers are more likely to have solar panels, heat pumps and batteries installed, all installation services offered by Good Energy.

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It begins…

Labour has appointed one of the country’s foremost climate experts to lead a “mission control centre” on clean energy.

Chris Stark, the former head of the UK’s climate watchdog, will head a Covid vaccine-style taskforce aimed at delivering clean and cheaper power by 2030.

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero said the centre would work with energy companies and regulators and would be the first of its kind in Whitehall, following Keir Starmer’s plan for mission-driven government.

Surprised it’s not moved before now but it’s going. It could be the share to hold for Labour first year or two. Heat pump install, solar install, tesla powerwalls, renewable energy contracts for business or private customers…

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Should be mindful that Ecotricity the largest shareholder made a hostile offer of £4 which was rejected - a few years ago. This was before streamlining the co, acquiring heat pump/solar install and further build into Zap Map. The company is in better shape now than then. Food for thought.

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Nice news

Good Energy Group PLC (AIM: GOOD), the 100% renewable electricity supplier and energy services provider is partnering with cooperative clean energy ownership innovator Ripple Energy to offer customers the option to own their portion of large-scale wind or solar projects.

The new partnership will further bolster Good Energy’s tariff offering to customers, already directly 100% renewable backed through Power Purchase Agreements, with the option to now own a portion of a renewable project - lowering customers’ bills in the process.

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