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The share price never does anything positive on good news :joy:


Maybe it’s because the news isn’t as good as you think? Just a thought…


I think it was pretty damn good, 29% growth to MRE 8.4 million ounces.

The market didn’t agree though.

Are you invested here ? If you were you would know this is normal for the share.

Pumping again whoop :raised_hands:t3:

I missed the boat this time, money was tied up when it went back down to the mid 8. Will wait for the next wave but good look folks

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finally dumped my bags about a week ago, been holding this for too long


I’m still stuck with it, and to be honest don’t really know where it will end up in the coming month.
I will sell it at a small loss if needed!

Why worry about the share price in a month? If everything goes to plan and gold starts coming out the ground in the next 12 to 18 months who knows what the share price could be.
I am still at the accumulation stage with this one. Dyor obviously.

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I wouldn’t be selling on theses at current price. As it stands maybe around the 10p mark as that seems be the current ceiling of you didn’t want long term. But good luck either way

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Being squeezed down hard in the past 7-10 days. Can’t wait till we see gold coming out and the uptick in sp so I can get rid of this dog


I think I’ll just wait for dividends now. Don’t think we’ll see 30 odd p again any time soon, but hopefully they’ll have a decision to mine and then dividends will roll in gradually. Be alright for my sipp :joy:

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The drop continues back into the 7’s guess the Telfer news may be adding to it.

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Is there any new news?

As usual. No :joy:

I thought there would be a bounce as didn’t expect it to drop quite as low

Bounce engaged usual yo yo games


The company is planning to focus on its Tier 1 portfolio, which includes 11 managed Tier 1 and emerging Tier 1 assets and three non-managed operations. It’s seeking to divest six non-core assets, including Éléonore, Musselwhite, Porcupine, CC&V, Akyem and Telfer operations, as well as two non-core projects, Havieron and Coffee.

Looks like this could drop over the next few weeks with the news newmount are looking to sell Havieron.


I’m a lth and have the shares in my sipp so I’m content to just hold. These are just blips but seems a good opportunity for ggp and backers to buy telfer and have outright. Now that ggp have tied up the rio tinto interests around telfer and wyloo are involved with ggp, ggp becomes the obvious purchaser.