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It is not in contention that more CO2 in the air results in what is known as increased land carbon storage and accounts for quite a bit of the increase in greening of the earth. Even layman articles in Scientific American some years ago talked about it. But reforestation accounts for more of that greening. I am sure googling will “resurface” the relevant papers.

More C02 in the air resulting in greening is an argument that Climate sceptics use to push back against the harmful effects of C02. Unfortunately by ignoring the full chemistry one can fool oneself.

As an example, you can go to the other extreme and think about Oxygen too. As I always tell people, Oxygen is a toxic gas. They look at me rather puzzled.


Yes. I think I recall something around the lines of oxygen being a kind of a source of cheap energy for the body, with the price to pay for its use being the aging process of the body due to the effects of something called free radicals. If memory serves it was a process with similar, sort of, effects as the rusting process on iron

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