Has your trading ever felt out of control?

Hi. I’m Greig - a User Researcher here at Freetrade. :wave:t2:

I’m looking to talk with Freetrade customers (confidentially) who have felt their trading activity has at times been problematic, out of control or bordering on an unhealthy addiction. Maybe you have struggled with a gambling addiction in the past and can see similar patterns of behaviour.

I know this can be a difficult topic to discuss but if you’re open to taking part then please leave your details here and I’ll be in touch if you are selected.


Interesting, I’ve never associated investing with gambling I think they are two very different things but I can certainly see how day trading can be seen as such.

“Investing shouldn’t give you an adrenaline rush – or cause you serious worry. If it does, you’re probably gambling or trading, not investing.”

They want to take fun out of everything!

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Fixed :pray:t2:

This is amazing. Ft should be able to integrate something similar it would be such a useful tool


I kind of disagree with that quote as well. If you watch videos of Warren Buffet he says his hands get sweaty when he’s thinking of a good investment.


Thank you @43129 , this should really be in the original post. I’m down ~70% but this should give me some new ideas.

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