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If they end up finding helium, what do you think the stock price will go to?

@Simbaia18, a million dollar question mate.:grin:

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£5 a share would make me happy, £10 would make me happier, £100 would make me rich.

Realistically, I have no idea what it might go to - this was a speculatory punt for me for some beer funds.

With 67k shares, the greater it’s value the better.
Will we ever see £1 per share? Personally I’m not so sure with markets being down as far as they currently are.

Show me the helium

£5 a share would make me rich aha, although the likelihood of it reaching that figure is incredibly low. I might be wrong, and I hope I am, but given the current volatility of the markets we might not go over £1.

Again, I really hope I’m wrong

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For £5 / share the HE1 market cap would be £3bn ( on current shares in issue ) and would be pushing for the FTSE100. Some work to be done based on 2021 revenues of $0 ( and I speak as a shareholder )


It was also represent a 62x return.

For reference Jason Calacanis angle invested in the seed round of Robinhood and made somewhere around 50x.

Looking for 62x esq returns takes one closer to gambeling end of the scale.


Guys you’re concentrating on the wrong sentence in my post, it was this one that holds my true belief here:

“Realistically, I have no idea what it might go to - this was a speculatory punt for me for some beer funds.”


Good chance here I’ll end up with some beer funds - unfortunately I started with champagne funds :wink:



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Helium One Global (AIM: HE1), the primary helium explorer, is pleased to provide an update on progress at its Rukwa (100%) project area in Tanzania including details of its planned 2022 drilling campaign.


Am.I the only one who thinks this is a little… late?

They were deilling this time last year weren’t they? And stopped end of August due to the rainy season?


No, you’re not. The 2022ndrilling campaign was supposed to start at the beginning of the month if memory serves - this update seems to infer they are nearly commissioned to start…


So could be in a month-ish when drilling starts but very limited time between.then and the rainy season.

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Good news, but I was hoping for a higher valuation tbh. Ah well, limit order set.

What in the bloody hell Harry is happening here :flushed: :person_facepalming:

No news at all regarding drilling, or even a hint.

This has been an incredibly long wait and I’m leaning more and more towards the ‘we’re not going to get anywhere’ camp.


I’ve been thinking the same.
HE1 are really bad at keeping any kind news quiet, audit was 80% complete on the last update, thought a simple “drilling equipment is now in shipping container” would have been out by now.
I don’t know others investment into HE1 but I’m in for just short of 75k shares, buying dips along the way. Almost ready to sell out at parity if it even gets back to that.

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Going to top up I think .and see what happens


I think I can repeat my earlier comment but with a but of positivity this time…

Have we had some news I’m unaware of?