Holding foreign currency in a SIPP

Please can you build a feature for holding foreign currency in a SIPP? Many brokers offer this as standard and I regret moving to Freetrade as this was not disclosed when I enquired.

I will consider switching to another broker if this isn’t going to be a new feature soon.

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Hmm much like an ISA a SIPP is a tax efficient wrapper and I heavily doubt holding other currencies is permitted.

I’m happy to stand corrected

I think I’m right in saying you can hold foreign currencies in a Sipp but not an Isa.

The former tend to be more liberal. For example, you can buy stocks like PDD in a Sipp which are not eligible to be held in an Isa.

You can hold foreign currency in a SIPP. Or at least, it is permitted generally as part of SIPP rules - some brokers allow it, some don’t.

Are the held foreign currencies still protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?