How can I stop my friends?

I’m also using eToro and have to say CFDs are neither riskier nor expensive, all depends on leverage.

Wish them good luck. You can only hope FT will win them back down the line. Even tho that’s a more difficult process. FT is still in the process of figuring out their product market fit so in the end they might not be the customers who will end up using FT. You did your part in inviting them to Ft. If they can’t validate why they should continue using it over other platforms then there’s not much else you can do.

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T212 do not make money on the spread except for CFDs - it would be illegal for them to do so.

I use the app version of T212 and there is literally zero cross-selling of CFDs in the invest/ISA sections, in fact you would be hard pressed to notice that CFDs even exist on the app as it takes you by default into the section you were last using (to switch you have to press several buttons so not something you could do by mistake easily).


Yh I absolutely agreed with the Freetrade UI. I would move my GIA Account from Trading 212 to Freetrade if I can move the Shares over (Or if Freetrade Update the Microsoft Icon to have a White Background instead of the Grey Colours one)

So one of the things stopping you moving your portfolio over is the fact that a logo isn’t to your liking? I’ve heard it all now!