How many investment accounts do you have?

Just wondered how many investment brokers/accounts does everyone have.
I had 4 (etoro, freetrade, t212 and vanguard) but recently reduced it to 2 (etoro and freetrade).

Three (HL, AJBell and Freetrade).

Just Freetrade, it meets 100% of my needs

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I know your thoughts on the broker that I will not name. How do your find HL?

I hace freetrade, HL, and 212 (that I don’t use), and an idle vanguard account

why dont you use t212? if you dont mind me asking

I transferred my HL SIPP to Freetrade so what I have left is my first S&S ISA.

Until Freetrade sort out their desktop app, when I want my fix of a decent investing website, I go to HL!

It’s in ETFs only so the fees are capped at £45 a year which I think is fine. However, I do have to let any cash from dividends accumulate before I invest if I want to make the most of the big trading fee.


Oh I could go on a rant about it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ve talked about it a little here before but the short version is essentially down to their terms and conditions. The terms have always stated that 212 may hold your assets directly with themselves and not a nominee company, the result is you lose some protection over your assets. They also don’t tell you who’s holding your assets. So you’ve no idea where they are.

That’s ok if your happy with the level of risk but I just wasn’t liking how they were handling that.


FT (ISA, SIPP) - Lowest costs for ETFs
HL (SIPP) - Broad range of products
Degiro (GIA) - Low cost for international shares, v. broad range of products



yeh ive seen the vid

the only reason i think t212 is better at the current moment is the Features; pies, auto investing, drip etc

and also the lower fx rate of 0.15%

FT - ISA/GIA/SIPP - Newest account
Etoro - Just trading account - Oldest account
T212 - was put on waiting list before I found FT and never heard back

Just Freetrade. I started investing with Freetrade.


Freetrade (GIA) - My playground to buy stupid shares
Investec (ISA/GIA) - Place where I buy boring shares.

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Freetrade - ISA and GIA. Started with this one.

HL - GIA. For the stocks I can’t currently get on Freetrade.

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HL for two essentially zero fee index trackers. One in world index, and one US large cap tracker.

FT for stocks.

Nowt else.

Can anyone recommend a trading app that doesn’t have a max transaction of 9,900? I love freetrade but this limitation is a real pain.

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212 is the best
hl has no info on foreign traded ones

Just freetrade and binnace

Trading212 (US currency), Freetrade (ISA), HL (ISA and LISA), Revolut (Crypto). I also had III for a while, but it was rubbish

Actually, wondering if Adundance and Seedrs also count…

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Freetrade (now my biggest/main)
HL (where I started, only really has things that are too small to be worth selling now)
Peel Hunt (shares from working for startups)
Binance (lol)
Coinbase/Coinbase Pro (Ledger for storage ofc)