How much time do you spend on investing related stuff everyday?

I wonder how much time everyone spends on investing related stuff everyday?

I got a day job and don’t really spend a lot of time on investing per se. Perhaps read some news and that’s it.

I noticed so far on this forum a lot of us are discussing individual stocks which can consume quite a lot of time to learn and understand if I do it myself. And then the question is how well can I really understand the stocks themselves without committing a lot of time?

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If you lack time, simply invest in ETFs. For the lay person, it’s hands down the best option and Warren Buffet actually states so.

Then if you have some time, investigate a few stocks you have a good feeling about and perhaps invest in those, but keep the vast vast majority of your investments in ETFs and hold them long-term.

I spend a lot of time on research, but I like it and it’s more or less my hobby - yes, am a sad person. :laughing:


yeah guess I need to start with something easy to understand like ETFs

I do have a preference to large cap companies just because I understand some of them. I struggle to find comfort in lesser known companies especially smaller ones in size

I enjoy the opposite. Trying to find the diamonds in the rough, starting off knowing nothing and learning about the sector.

I’ve done ok this year (especially before Coronavirus) enjoying good gains on:

Ceres - averaged in at £2.42
ITM - averaged in at £0.67
Greatland Gold - averaged in an £0.03
Eurasia Mining - averaged in at £0.03

And some not so good on:

Bacanora - in at £0.34
Bushveld - in at £0.20

I would say I’ve spent a good 4-6 hours reading each company, then another 2-4 more broadly in the market and another hour or so looking at competitors.

But as @Marsares mentions, it’s sort of a hobby for me. It’s a good feeling plucking some unknown out of the dust and watching it double in value.


I’ll give you a straight up answer, I spend about an hour reading about investing everyday. This includes:

  • Freetrade forum
  • Freetrade chat discord (unofficial) - talking to all the guys on there Discord
  • Reading articles and links that people post
  • Looking up basic stats on google finance
  • Reddit
  • Physically check my portfolio every few days - I’m focused on long term, so don’t really do anything with it

I do it because I enjoy it, if I find something more interesting to do then I will just leave my portfolio as it is and it should be fine, adding more funds every time I build up some cash.

If you don’t want to do any reading or inputting time into your portfolio, then as the guys have said already, you could look at ETFs / index funds.

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I just had 2 weeks off before starting a new job and there has been storms raging most of the time, so researching has been my new 9-5.

As of next week it will go back to just a couple of hours a day to kill time on the commute

Around 2 hours daily. The great thing is that, similar to how returns compound, the knowledge you gather for individual companies can be reused over an over in the future. Building up that “muscle memory” early on saves an enormous amount of time (and money) in the long run.
There are no shortcuts and making a lot of mistakes early on when the amounts are still small is priceless.


I’m self employed so have most of my working hours where I listen to podcasts throughout the day.

Notable ones I listen to if anyone is interested,

“Always Free” by Jason Graystone (This one literally changed my whole perspective around wealth creation)
The Joseph Carlson Show
Motley Fool Money
Investors Chronicle
We Study Billionaires
Money To The Masses
The Property Podcast with the two Robs

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thanks! I reckon one hour is a lot for someone with a full time day job. I use my phone for about 3 hours a day in total.

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