New to investing

So I started with £150 and this is what I got, would you say this is a bad start? Should I leave single stock alone and go for etf

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No such thing as a bad start :grin:

Why exactly did you choose those specific stocks? Was there something you saw in them that made you think they’ll grow long term?

I’m a fan of ETFs. Poorly performing stocks are balanced by those that are doing well, and you can diversify both geographically and by sector a lot easier than by stock picking

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Personally I would have the (vast) majority of my money in big ETFs, such as the FTSE one you have bought. As for the shares it’s important that you are able to justify why you’ve bought them (as Emma has said above).

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I read up on Barratt and was paying good dividends, same with itv and also bt. Boohoo is growing all the time with sales, so that’s the reason. I’m planning on putting £100 each week into my portfolio, with no view to touch for at least 3 years, so do you think etf is better on my plans? Thanks in advance

Everyone has their own strategy but I’d recommend reading the Q&A from earlier


I think conventional wisdom is that 5 years is the most sensible ‘minimum’ to make returns on the market.

There is some excellent first time advice in this thread (and throughout the forum).

I’d be slightly cautious investing for dividends with small investments - FT not having the option to automatically reinvest dividends as well as not being able to buy fractional shares means you might just end up with pennies coming in that can’t really be utilised.

Personally I’d be putting 80-90% into ETFs, but that’s just my opinion.

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Ok thanks for your opinion and help

But those will be coming once the much anticipated/hyped investment platform is launched


Best of luck and welcome to FT. I’ve found this forum extremely useful so hopefully you do too :blush:


Not a bad start, personally I wouldn’t focus on dividend stocks I would look for high growth stocks first (i.e. take a risk) or focus on ETFs like other here have suggested. But it depends on your strategy.

This looks almost identical to my Portfolio (similar levels of investment, similar ratio of stocks : ETF).

I am also new to the game and to be honest, I’ve not done huge due diligence on the stocks I’ve gone for - 10 minutes of Googling the business (what they do and what their plans are for the future), 5 minutes on the Share Centre website to see if other brokers are backing them, and 5 minutes of analysing their 6m / 1 yr stock price fluctuations.

Over time I’d like to put more into ETFs to balance my portfolio, but for starters I’m having more fun buying the odd stock (and learning, mostly from this forum, about trading and different businesses).

Yea at the min it’s a bit of fun until I put more money in which will be in the etf,
I’ve noticed if one of them falls a lot in a day, it usually jumps back up next day.