Investments to start?

Hi see my investments I have started with and the ones I plan to do shortly…Some are stocks whilst some are ETF’s. I am new to this, any opinions?

Dow Jones GlobalSust
S&P 500 Vanguard

To do shortly
China Large Cap
FTSE All-World
Nasdaq 100
S&P Div Aristocrat
World Value
US Value
Robo Global
Battery Value Chain
Global Clean Energy
Clean Energy
Core Global Stocks
Euro Stoxx 50
Europe ex-UK
Global Water
Momentum Factor
MSCI China
US Tech Sector
Renewables Infrastructure

Not advice.

But stick with 3/4 etf’s.

Your list is overly complicated and I could almost assure you far too diversified & filled with multiple overlaps which in-turn could quite possibly hinder your long term aims.

Look at what you want to achieve longterm and commit wisely and intentionally.


If you have no clear idea what to invest in (and why), forget that entire list and just put money in the S&P 500 incrementally

How you invest depends on the size of your portfolio and how much risk you want to take. If you have a small portfolio and you are trying to build wealth, do in-depth research into companies you think might grow, choose only two or three maximum, and invest in those - have convinction and stick to your strategy (for example, “I will wait for at least 3 quarters of ERs because I think the company will be generating revenue”)

I personally would only start diversifying at around 6 figures, and even then not go overboard

But you might have a different appetite for risk you need to decide that for yourself

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The best insight I received (or at least one of the best) was this true story:->

‘A guy sold his website whilst travelling and living anywhere in the world and saving 80% of his earnings. The site sold for $60,000 and that was a ridiculous amount for him at the time, three years before that he had only $200 to his name whilst getting by in Thailand.

He reached out & asked some people more ahead of him on what to do with the newly gained $60K, feeling elated & syked, the insight which stood out the most was to stick it in the S&P 500 or total US Index and get back to work…’

That’s not to say everybody should do that exact thing, but if you focus on the main part of that story, ‘be intentional’ and there is no rush to suddenly be in invested in everything and overly diversified instantly.