It doesn’t look like we have any ‘true’ property-owning ETFs available at present. How about this one (ticker: REET)?

Do you know of any EU equivalents of REET? Generally, if an ETF is in $, it cannot be offered in the EU (with a few exceptions).

Xtrackers FTSE Developed Europe Real Estate UCITS ETF 1C

Not sure if it’s considered a REIT. But it’s a real estate company etf.

Thanks Seb. This is 98.31% Real Estate so I am pretty sure it can be considered REIT :slight_smile:

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and maybe this. Global rather than Europe only:

I’d prefer consumer goods ETFs though…seems shares are getting priority though

Thanks, Vlad, for the info about ETFs in $. I’m new to Freetrade so still learning the ropes! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s the Mifid II regulations from January 2018 is why they can’t be offered in $ for the most part. As Vlad has said

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Someone edited the title of this thread to the XDER stock - this stock wouldn’t be of great interest to me at present as I’m looking for a global property ETF. Does anyone have suggestions for that?

I posted one 3 comments above

Ah, so you did. Thank you. I didn’t follow the link earlier (I’ve found morningstar’s server slow to deliver up pages so generally avoid their site).