HSBC halal fund

There’s a global need for halal/sharia compliant funds.
They are more promising and also goes with ESG

there are a couple of iShares funds already. Are there any specific funds you would like to see? You should request these individually here Stock Requests 📈 - Freetrade Community


Some HSBC Islamic ETF

These HSBC Halal funds are composed of the major Tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft,Google, Navidia, Amazon Tesla and others.
These are not 100% Halal with all the borrowing and loans on these companies balance sheets. It is ironic that one of the companies included in the HSBC Halal fund is Visa incorporated which is a bank.

£AMAP is already available in the app

Almalia Sanlam Active Shariah Global Equity UCITS ETF - AMAP - Share chat - Stock Discussions - Freetrade Community

If you have any more specific funds im happy to check and make requests on you’re behalf on the forum. (@Cloud51 same offer)

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I’d wager a guess that there’s max a handful of listed companies in the whole world that don’t have a loan on their balance sheet. This surely cannot be a criterion.
Also, Visa isn’t a bank, it’s a payment provider.

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Agreed , but since it facilitates financial transactions relating to credit cards and other financial instruments this can not be classed as Halal.
I don’t how much you know about the rules for the an item being Halal. It requires not interest bearing transactions neither from the company,the user or third party.