Insight into UPS for the longterm?

I’m new to investing as of 2020 and I’m dipping my toe in a few different places to test the water.

I purchased some UPS shares at ~103 back in Jan/Feb and I’m currently down 11%. Can anyone shed some light on why that might be and what I should look to expect from this stock in the coming year?

Also, how to the dividends work for a stock like UPS?


The whole stock market crashed more than 11%. So UPS is not performing much worse than the market.
But this forum is not for investment advice and you should not ask people for such. Nobody knows where the stock market or individual stocks are going to go, not even professionals. Otherwise everybody could be a stock market millionaire.

And you should definitely not invest for this short amount of time or evaluate anything in such a timeframe. The stock market is volatile. Only in the long-term we can be fairly certain that we will make gains (~5-10 years).

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I think the subject header was perhaps misleading.

I’m not asking advice for what to invest in, I was simply asking if anyone had any insight into this company in particular. I’m not investing any money I can’t afford to lose and I have no expectations of gains, especially not in the short term.

Just curious to learn and I couldn’t seem to find a thread or any additional info within the community regarding this particular stock/business.