Investing in commodities from the London Metal Exchange


Any plans for adding the biggest metal exchange - ?


The LME is a private company (acquired back in 2012).


Sorry. I mean Aluminium, Copper , Zinc etc. traded on the LME.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Thanks for letting us know that you’re interested in investing in these :pray:

Enabling users to buy commodities directly isn’t on our roadmap at the moment. But we do already let invest in a fund (an ETF) whose value tracks price of gold.

Which has been surprisingly stable this year, considering gold’s ‘performance’ over the past few years :thinking:

Anyway, we would definitely consider adding more ETFs for commodities so please do request any that you’d like in #stock-requests. iShares offer a few more. But according to this very old school looking (possibly out of date? :sweat_smile:) website, there should be plenty of others to choose from..

(Dave Smith) #5

Industrial metals like Copper tend to move in the same direction as the economy in general. Copper ETF’s might be interesting. I’ve use Antofagasta to get exposure to copper in the past. I’ve done fairly well out of them by buying low and selling high multiple times

(Dave Smith) #6

Palladium has had a great run over the last few years, Don’t know if this will continue but it’s worth having the ETF’s available for that

Useful in catalytic converters for Diesels, but also useful in Hydrogen storage if that ever becomes a thing

(Alex Sherwood) #7

We’ve just added an ETF for silver to our universe :2nd_place_medal:

(Aris David) #8

Nice addition.

I just bought some, this morning around 10:45. Paid 6 quid transaction fee! A different broker.

Should’ve waited a little bit. Didn’t know it was on FreeTrade. Arg!