ETF covering precious metals

Is there an ETF on Freetrade which covers metals and miners - want some exposure to silver, gold, palladium etc but don’t want to buy each etf individually.

Unfortunately there is no ETF on Freetrade but one exists in the form of GDIG:

Your only diversified option on FT lies with an active approach in BRWM: BlackRock World Mining Trust | Performance and holdings

They invest in both precious and industrial metals. There is also some Coal exposure in the portfolio because they hold the likes of Vale and Rio Tinto etc.

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It’s an investment trust rather than an ETF but I would second BRWM as the best match. Some potential alternatives that are on the platform: CMOP, a broad commodity tracker, which uses futures to track livestock, industrial metals, energy etc as well as precious metals; or SPGP, an ETF which tracks an index of gold miners. That said, you probably don’t need much more than BRWM and/or SGLN.


At this stage of the game BRWM is your only real option on Freetrade and secondary to that CMOP. It would be nice if Freetrade could bring Van Eck’s WMIN into the platform.