Investing in cybersecurity

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I was wondering about people’s views on investing in cybersecurity? It has been something on my mind to do for some time but have not really done. Also, any companies that you may suggest for one to research?

At the moment, I see cybersecurity as an industry that will continue to expand over time. :chart_with_upwards_trend: The need for security will always be there and as technology continues to expand in our lifestyles it looks like the industry will continue to grow. Thank you everyone :slight_smile:


Having had a quick look, I have to say that they defently seem like a strong player in the game. I will definitely have a longer look at them. As you said, long term contracts with the MOD is very good. Also for them as a company, an effective PR sale because people will notice them if they say that they have contacts with the MOD. Thank you @Cgwinning

I am sure that they will soon be added to freetrade. :slight_smile:

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Do you know why only certain stocks will be available? Why wouldn’t this one be available is perhaps an easier question to ask?

I am not sure if anyone would be interested but I have found a nice ETF if anyone is looking to invest in cybersecurity but using an ETF.

ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF (HACK)
“ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF is an exchange traded fund incorporated in the USA. The Fund seeks to provide investment results that correspond to the performance of the Prime Cyber Defense Index. The Index tracks companies across the globe that are direct service providers or key drivers of the cyber security industry through hardware and software development.”

I personally think that it’s a nice little ETF to invest in the long term. However, everyone should do their own research :slight_smile:


Just putting my two cents in, working in the IT industry, cyber security is currently the “next big thing” for companies big or small.

The bigger the company the more likely it is to be attacked or have an increased potential of data leaks, this could be anything from passwords to internal data etc etc. Both won’t look very good to anybody (investors, customers, employees) so there is a big push certainly from the company I currently work for on IT security.

Of course a majority of businesses and companies take their cybersecurity very seriously already and have probably done so for sometime but I also feel a lot of companies have sort of just “winged” it and hoped it never happened to them. But as you probably have heard in the recent years more and more companies are learning the hard way (I have friends that carried out IT work for NHS before the recent malware attacks and they were constantly saying something bad will happen!)

Very interested in stocks for cyber security, should definitely keep an eye out for these.


Sadly, this is the state of security not just in companies but also public services. I know very well that unless there are large security breaches nothing changes. Even after that the staff on the ground hardly get listen too which results in little improvement. Not just in cybersecurity but other type of security. It’s scary and at times even depressing.

Thank you for your input @Maxcobos, very much approcated. :slight_smile:

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Yeah physical security is another can of worms… not sure if there is any single cybersecurity companies that are available to purchase stock from. Have you seen/heard of any?

Edit: just found checkpoint and fireeye and there are obviously companies like IBM, Cisco etc that have their own security departments but it’s not their sole product if you know what I mean

If you look at the ETF I posted (HACK) there would be some cybersecurity companies there. We had someone suggest QinitiQ (QQ) which may be worth checking out. Otherwise, I am not sure of any that would be on freetrade from the start of the launch