Investing routine

I’m curious to know how often people are investing and how they are doing it.

For example I’m putting in spare cash each month, it fluctuates a bit, but I have a few hundred spare each month. During the month I do a bit of research and know pretty much what I want to buy when payday rolls around. So all my cash for investing gets invested straight away.

I’m relatively new to investing so haven’t sold much - got a bit excited after the election and cashed in a couple of positions :money_mouth_face: which I then reinvested pretty quickly.

Just wondering if people have a routine that works for them? And do people keep cash on the side or put it all in?

If your a long term novice investor like myself keeping cash on the side isn’t a good thing. Get it invested, Ive read countless articles about having cash to time the dips vs regular buying over time. The regular investments win everytime.

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Sometimes, I wish I had spare cash for buying opportunities but I tend to buy as soon as the cash hits my account. As I’m holding long-term, I don’t bother checking prices (although with investment trusts, I do check the premium/discount).

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I set myself a investment allowance at the beginning of the month and then divide it up into weeks. Then if there is a unexpected drop in the markets I can increase my investments at the cost of having a reduced amount for the later weeks

I have a budget each month, and aim to make a single purchase with it. I try to keep myself honest and ask what is going to be the best investment decision to make with that money - based on a range of factors, including investment goals, risk appetite, market behaviour, individual stock movements etc. I’m not too rigid and sometimes make a couple of purchases, or only put in a portion of the money.

I have a bit of cash available, but prefer to make regular investments rather than waiting for the next crash.

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I invest a regular amount each month. But also use the Monzo roundup feature into a “freetrading” pot. These extra few quid I drip feed throughout the month to invest

Maximised pension contributions first and foremost, as well as company share purchases - both are crazy tax efficient.

Besides that, I use Chip to get auto-saves - which rapidly add up - and then each month shove that into FreeTrade where I will open an ISA shortly once I piled in some more money.

Finally, my bonus goes partially into the trust fund for the kids, the rest goes into an offshore fund.

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