Investing small amounts £10 at a time

Right, Decided to add around £10 a time after deciding not to pop into a takeout etc on the way home. What shares are worth getting?

I have some CiNe and bushels at the moment. Which are relatively doing ok about a 25% increase on investment (2 weeks). About to launch another high stakes £10 into the mix what would you go for?


I’d go for IUKD - it’s an ETF, under a tenner, and pays a quarterly dividend.

It might be worth considering chucking your tenner in and leaving it to build up so you have a larger cash pot to play with?


I have a few of these too.

Making your first decision to invest in shares rather than takeout is a great step! I would recommend working out what your aims are too. For instance you may want high dividends (as above would give you) or you may want to minimise this for tax purposes and just make capital gains when you cash out later.

I’m a newb and so took a similar stance to you, investing in tenner here and there. Many of my first choices were poor because I did not do enough research around the companies’ financials. Even though I made losses of 20-30% rather rapidly, that’s only £2 or £3 on a £10 investment. Had I researched better, that loss could have been making money else where, so it’s worth the work.

I am personally looking at industries that I think will do well during what I think the economy is doing (not necessarily the same as you or the same as reality :crazy_face: ) and then picking leaders in those sectors.

Don’t forget that FT offer fractional trading so you can always buy £10 of Tesla if you can’t afford a whole one!

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It looked at the fractional trading so maybe a way of buying more expensive shares slowly. I’ll look at these hi-dividend ones and see what goes as I don’t want to start messing around with tax too much on such low numbers.

Will have to read up on strategies and see what way to take it all. But with initial low investment as you say 20 - 30% drop in value is nothing on £10.

Or you could slowly work your way through and purchase the stocks that IUKD invests in. Then you won’t pay the 0.40% expense ratio. Can see more information on holdings here:

I have also included a table of their top holdings so you can get a feel for what they invest in.

BATS BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO PLC Consumer Staples Equity GBP 44,528,898.51 5.29 44,528,898.51 1,468,147.00 GB0002875804 GBP
BHP BHP GROUP PLC Materials Equity GBP 42,213,166.09 5.02 42,213,166.09 1,774,781.00 GB00BH0P3Z91 GBP
BP. BP PLC Energy Equity GBP 41,010,660.30 4.88 41,010,660.30 10,550,723.00 GB0007980591 GBP
RIO RIO TINTO PLC Materials Equity GBP 40,140,096.96 4.77 40,140,096.96 744,438.00 GB0007188757 GBP
HSBA HSBC HOLDINGS PLC Financials Equity GBP 37,905,964.11 4.51 37,905,964.11 7,337,585.00 GB0005405286 GBP
IMB IMPERIAL BRANDS PLC Consumer Staples Equity GBP 36,304,805.35 4.32 36,304,805.35 2,123,709.00 GB0004544929 GBP
AAL ANGLO AMERICAN PLC Materials Equity GBP 35,316,477.24 4.20 35,316,477.24 1,068,254.00 GB00B1XZS820 GBP
VOD VODAFONE GROUP PLC Communication Equity GBP 33,930,745.86 4.03 33,930,745.86 28,686,799.00 GB00BH4HKS39 GBP
LGEN LEGAL AND GENERAL GROUP PLC Financials Equity GBP 33,024,424.95 3.93 33,024,424.95 11,119,335.00 GB0005603997 GBP
NG. NATIONAL GRID PLC Utilities Equity GBP 32,907,542.56 3.91 32,907,542

But, you’ll then pay stamp duty at 0.5% on each trade, whereas an etf does not attract duty. Obviously that’s a one off cost, but needs consideration.

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Good point, if @Larigost is investing in the long-term then the 0.5% stamp duty will be less than the ETF cost. Either way there are 2 options for him to consider.

Also feels nicer to receive a higher quantity of dividends, the ‘received investment income’ notification still makes my day - even if it is a small amount :smiley:

It would take you ages to build up that portfolio at £10 at time, and without fractional shares you wouldn’t be able to get them in the same percentages as the ETF

That’s not to say it’s a bad idea to pick and choose which ones you want and buy the shares directly.

Very true but it is an option, for a casual investor it would be much easier just to purchase IUKD to save the hassle.

Hmm… Also means you can skip the companies you wouldn’t have chosen on their own.
Food for thought for sure!

Might be worth looking at ETF coverage as a starting point