Penny stock help

So in my spare time I spend alot of it looking at different things to invest in and I couldn’t help but notice these very very cheap stocks that are under a pound.

My question is would be it be something worth getting into? What is it? And What advice can you give if I was to get into this?

Hi @Makemerichplz21 you’ll not get anyone dishing out advice when it comes what to buy or not to buy - that’s you’re call :phone:

Doing what you’ve suggested sounds like swing trading / day trading. This is hard work! Your competition not only have high frequency trading algorithms, a degree / masters from an amazing university and way more information than you but they also have all day. Study have shown that over 60% of (non professionals ) people who do this kind of activity loose money. You could stick your money into a cheap ETF and make a nice return all the while learning a new hobby like knitting, woodwork or cooking with roadkill.

It’s your time and your money but you might end up having more fun spatchcocking a badger - and that’s saying something!


has anyone ever told you your name sounds like a solicitors practice? I likes it!


I mean when you put it like that…

Cheap ETF it is😂

Thanks that wasn’t what I had in mind but I’ll take it😁


As penny stocks is a bust I’ve been looking at dividends and I found one that is $3 a share and has a dividend yield of 3%. Does that mean if I bought 100 of them I would get a return of $9

And then let’s say if I kept buying 100 more shares every month which would be $300 given that the price stays the same and the dividend yield stays the same then I would get $18 and then just keep doing this is that how it works?

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Now back for question you asked

A dividend yield is calculated by -

Share price / dividend value (£/$)

So in your example yes you’d get $9 (-15% tax because American says so) The team have your back with learning articles like this which will explain better than I can -

Also some chap pit this nonsense together on a Tuesday about dividends.