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Nvta, is a genetic screening company in the US I believe, would like it to be added so I can invest and anyone else who is interested in researching this company

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Invitae stock nearly up by 20% pre market today there’s 4 votes for this stock to be requested, just want to make people aware of this company, to spark interest in getting this stock on the app, its a genetic company that has been continually getting costs down for genetic screening, in the same way tesla is improving costs for electric cars, invitae will help genetic testing become more widely available for genetic testing, have a look see what you guys think.

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Bump bump bump, ethical stocks are on the up!!


I have a small interest, anyone else got any thoughts?

I was thinking about it, but I didn’t have enough confidence it could beat the S&P 500.

Now the stock is on a tear.

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Pondering more! been positive the last week

ArcherDX announced it was filing for a $100 million Nasdaq IPO—but instead it will reap a deal worth $1.4 billion, counting upfront cash, Invitae shares and future milestone payments. The two companies plan to integrate their genomics, tumor profiling and liquid biopsy technologies through one, overarching service.

Invitae has also secured a credit facility for up to $200 million with Perceptive Credit Opportunities Funds. Following the deal’s announcement, Invitae’s stock rose nearly 50% from about $18 to over $26 a share.

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Something going on here?

Shirt squeeze likely. I hope you had a position.
Edit: Short, obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

I always need to squeeze into my shirts :wink: I had a position of sorts…brought on the way down so am back in profit just about now!

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On the way back?