Is Freetrade recommending stocks in Stock Take etc?

Thanks! This is certainly what we are working to achieve with the Stock Takes and Weekend Reads, and we know it works (although we also see a lot of areas for improvement!). We receive a LOT of replies, and they are almost always uniformly saying ‘this is super interesting, thanks.’ My favourite message was along the lines of ‘I’ve just opened this email to unsubscribe, but it’s so interesting, I’ll stay on!’

The vision is exactly this - to switch you on to how exciting companies, index trackers, markets are and to encourage you to start doing your own research. A lot of lip service is paid to education, and we think creating content so interesting that we ourselves would want to consume as the right approach to make progress on it. There is nothing like it out in the market right now. To me, this sounds accurate:

I struggle to follow some community members’ logic above though. The goal of this content isn’t to recommend particular companies, and if it was, I’m confused as to how they think we achieve that, as we give a balanced account and don’t take a view. Balance is key, and even beyond the individual stories, we pick the set of stories in a way that they’re balanced. We covered tech startups as much as seemingly tired old companies as well as an index tracker.

No correlation between people buying stocks and these posts exists. :man_shrugging: