Isa new

Can i open a new isa now thinking or getting one for trading 212 where i can trade the stocks i carnt get on freetrade

Yes, I believe you can as long as you haven’t contributed to any existing S&S ISAs in the new tax year (today)

So i can then trade in my freetrade and trading 212 this tax year

Actually never mind i carnt

You can contribute money to only one S&S ISA every tax year.

If you add money to your 212 S&S ISA you cannot add money to your freetrade ISA.

You can do whatever you like with money or assets already inside any ISA so long as it stays inside the ISA


Thanks could i open a gia with another with no issues

You can

Are 212 accepting new account signups again now. :see_no_evil: ….
That’ll be a no

Ive had 212 for ages just never used it

You can have S&S ISAs with multiple providers, and you can trade in both at the same time, you just can’t top up both in the same year.

(For completeness, you can top up £16k into a S&S ISA and £4k into a LISA with 2 separate providers in the same year - but that’s not what you were initially talking about)