ISAs are out 💥 let us know your thoughts here

Good question! We’ll share more details about how this’ll work nearer the time.


That’s a healthy yield!

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Just realised that my GIA has been fully transferred to an ISA, showing the remainder of the £20,000 limit, allowing trades and tax free forever!

I assume this is not news but have not seen anyone showing off yet :sweat_smile:


Show off some screen grab Vlad? Blurring out sensitive numbers, of course! :sweat_smile:

Not all of us were lucky to do the switch… next tax year!

Well, blurring isn’t going to help because you could estimate by the line that is circa 1/3 filled :sweat_smile:

What fascinated me the most is that behind the scene, all the holdings were sold and bought from the moneymakers with £0 difference for the consumer (a good thing). From the user’s perspective, it is just so convenient and unusual to get all those benefits with effectively no cost nor hassle.

Speaking of the global app changes, there are none at the front end except the ISA allowance representation. Still clean, still functional, still without unnecessary junk. Now eagerly awaiting the US stocks :slight_smile:


The only point I would flag is that the p&l has reset from the date the ISA was created!


That was deliberate, everything you see in the app relates to what’s happened in your ISA, rather than your previous Freetrade account.

But we’ll enable you to access both accounts next year, that data’s not gone anywhere :mag:


Love it! :star_struck:

Small thought though, will you be able to view our share certificates from the crossover from GIA to ISA in the future?

Minus that, I’m ready for the tax-free future :ok_hand:

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I have made some ISA trades. It simply works :+1:


You may in the future, but as it stands, you can no longer access your certificates even though your holdings did not change at all.

But that is quite immaterial in my opinion, maybe just an aesthetic flaw :slight_smile:

I was one of the first to test the ISA and I had to sell all my stock, they then transferred the money over to my ISA and I had to buy the stock back.

I accepted I might lose some money in the process, but my timing was fortunate and I actually made about £4.00 as I bought the stock back slightly cheaper!