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This ETF tracks the MSCI World Index, comprised of the largest companies across developed and developing markets. The fund reinvests income.

Interesting, this index beating VWRA with lower cost and performance

VWRP is the better comparison

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Ah, I always missing Dis-Acc part, yep.

But TER for SSAC is lower anyway

I’m considering SSAC as an alternative to VWRP in one account. I think I’m right in saying it’s the cheapest all-world/country ETF available. It has fewer holdings than VWRP but 1,600 is plenty and I’m not sure there’s much to be gained by holding an extra 2,000 or so. They both use optimised sampling.

It’s a big ETF at about $5bn, so I’m surprised SSAC doesn’t get mentioned more often. Can anyone think of any good reasons to choose VWRP over this that I might have missed?

I think this is wrong @Freetrade_Team, this ETF tracks the MSCI All World index, not the MSCI World.
Confusingly, the MSCI World only invests in developed markets not emerging.

The Key Investors document for this ETF confirms that it reflects the returns of the “MSCI All Countries World Index Net USD“.