iShares MSCI China ETF - removed from the app?

Hi, does anyone know why the MSCI China ETF was removed from the app? ISIN = IE00B44T3H88. It was previously there, I sold before COVID kicked off and I think it’s a good price to re-buy at. I don’t recall seeing anything about it’s removal?

As far as I am aware the only China etf was the HSBC MSCI China Etf . It is actually gone from the discover page but I can still see on my watchlist. Maybe just a bug?

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Not the first iShares ETF to be reported gone. Someone else made a thread saying $IHCU is also gone.

Meanwhile the app now has Augmentum Fintech, which still has a request thread.

Some quiet changes appear to have happened.


@Viktor was this removal on purpose?

@Vama @john Hmm. IHCU is in my watch list, and it looks like I could still buy it, but youre right it’s also missing from discover.

How many ETFs have been removed I wonder?

Yes, I posted about IHCU but never got a response.


Unfortunately due to an issue with the cost and charges data for MSCI China we’ve had to temporarily remove this from Discover. Sorry about that. :cry:

We’re working with our data provider to get this resolved and as soon as we do we’ll re-enable it. I’ll make sure you’re updated here when it’s enabled.


For IHCU I’m looking into this with the team and we’ll get back to you.


Thanks for the info Gemma

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Yes. This has been answered before when other stock has not been visible if you aleady own some.

:wave: Just seeing if there was an answer for IHCU ?

Apologies for the delay in following up here.

We’ve removed IHCU from Discover because we’ve observed poor liquidity in this ETF on the London Stock Exchange, particularly during volatile markets. This can lead to difficulties executing orders or trades executing at wide spreads (where the bid-offer spread on the LSE is wide). For this reason, we took the decision to remove it at this time. If you already own this ETF, you can still access it to sell.

We’ll continue to monitor this, to see if this can be re-enabled in the future. :crossed_fingers:

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Hi Gemma, thanks for the explanation. Do Freetrade think it would be a good idea to show the bid and ask prices in the app?

Hey @Gaz92, thanks for the suggestion. Including bid and offer is definitely something we consider and weigh up alongside keeping the app simple by showing a single ‘last’ price as we do currently - irrespective of side. Last is also what the intraday change is calculated using (against the previous day’s close) so it all starts to make sense.

One place bid/offer could potentially be used is on the pre-trade estimation screen, helping to ensure the estimate we present is as accurate as possible, whether you’re buying or selling.


Hi @Duncan, that sounds like a good idea. It would reduce the form over function aspect without being a detriment to the simplicity of the app. :+1:

Any updates on this?

Ongoing Charge 0.6
Transaction Costs 0.07
Zero incidentals.
Latest KIID :

Sorted? :man_shrugging: :wink:

Interested to know whether the issue stems from HSBC’s EMT data output?
My guess is it does.
Whoever your “data provider” is though should be able to do a conversion and feed you live Costs and Charges data.
If they can’t … :phone: FinKi :wink:

2 months on, is there any news @Gemhappe @Duncan?

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I see HMCH magically reappeared
With an annoying KIID link and an inaccurate Transaction Cost , but, hey, at least it’s back!!

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