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Palladium is now more valuable than gold (LINK) “The metal, used mainly in emissions-reducing auto catalysts for vehicles, has gained about 49 percent since mid-August.” it would be great to have the opportunity to invest in it via FreeTrade.

Just a quick update - we looked into adding an ETF for palladium last week (SPDM) but unfortunately there wasn’t enough volume (it’s not being traded often enough) in the RSP network, that we use to process orders, to enable us to add it. If we had, there would be a high likelihood that basic orders would regularly fail, due to a lack of buyers / sellers who would be willing to ‘fill’ those orders.

We won’t give up but it could be a while before we can add this ETF to our universe I’m afraid :pensive:


Thanks Alex, great that you folks looked into this and really appreciate the update!


Hi Team FT,
Any progress on this? Or are there still volume concerns?

Volume now it should be better. Palladium has becomes more popular.
Is quite difficult to understand that we don’t have any ETF with palladium within freetrade…

I’ll need to switch to other platforms where it will be available then…?!

Welcome to the forum @Blackrider - I would recommend mediating your tone in relation to the adding of niche products.

If you click Here you can scroll down and set the graph for trading volumes. Oddly the line stays for price but when you click it shows the volume. You’ll see little has changed in trading volume if anything it’s done down recently compared to when FT last looked at it.
I did this on an iPhone at whole sleep deprived at 6am in under 2 mins on the LSE website, as always with investing DYOR or even do some research.

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The link shows me an article Updated: 05 Dec 2018, 09:39 AM IST.

Volume can be checked better in other pages , I’m not sure if it’s allowed to post it here, where we can see that there is volume enought for retailers.

Of not, there are other ETF for palladium. I don’t care which one Free trade chooses, but it’s still something difficult to understand that we do have small cap stocks but not a quite knew commodity like palladium.

Can free trade use futures and split it then for the clients maybe ? Or that would be market maker and therefore not in line with the business?

Link to 3 palladium ETF with enought volume :

It looks like this ETC has been added! I assume it will be available on the app within the next few days.

Now on the app. Thanks for adding it FT.

Given that Russia is predicted to have produced 2.85 million ounces of the annual 7.1 in 2022 and access to that will be limited by sanctions, is the natural supply and demand equation set to push prices up? After the initial increase after the invasion of Ukraine prices have dropped away which seems counter intuitive. Anyone have thoughts and insight?

I have invested in this and I am debating now whether it was a good idea. I am probably more worried about the longer term of palladium. The main use for palladium is used for catalytic converters and given the fact that the world is in a race to move away from internal combustion engines, surely would that drive demand thus drive its applicability and price down? Any further thoughts anyone?

Hi @craigc, I think that is a fair comment although time scales here might be unclear. This still boils down to supply and demand senerio and in the the short to medium term I think sanctions on Russia as one of the leading producers and the fact there was already a shortfall in availably prior to the war will work in favour of the investor.

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