iShares S&P US Bank ETF (Acc) - BNKS - Share chat


  1. Exposure to large and mid-size U.S. banks
  2. Targeted investment in U.S. banks
  3. Use as a tactical investment to seek growth


The Fund seeks to track the performance of an index composed of U.S. companies in the U.S. banks sub-sector.

I don’t believe US ETF’s are allowed to be sold in the UK. A lack of disclosures and compliance with MFIDD.

This one is not a US one, but a UCITS :wink:
So it could be added.

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There’s an xTrackers version already on the app
Alternatively iShares US financials

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Thanks, somehow I missed the xTrackers one when searching on the app!

I have the iShares on another platform and wanted to move them across, the xTrackers version has the bonus of lower ongoing charges too.


Hi everyone - $BNKS is now available on your app.