iShares India 50 ETF

iShares India 50 ETF

@EmilieGauthier Please update :pray:

The above ETF is not a UCITS ETF so cannot be traded in the UK

You may request Xtrackers Nifty 50 Swap UCITS ETF 1C XNIF


Out of interest, why not go with one of the India trackers which are already on the platform such as IIND or FRIN?

IIND and FRIN track the broad Indian market (100+ equities) and have had a poor year, I have already used them.

A blue-chip ETF of the top 30 or 50 Indian companies is more likely to give growth and would be a safer bet.

Sensex is the Indian equivalent of DJIA and is up 72% over the last 5 years.

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Interesting. I’m not sure I’d agree about it being a safer bet as it’s more concentrated and momentum focused. Plus it’s relatively expensive and illiquid compared to the others, but each to their own.

Personally, I think active management is the way to go for emerging markets – particularly when there’s little difference cost-wise from a passive tracker.

However, I’m all for choice – so you’ve got my vote!

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Hi @Sai98 - we can’t currently offer ETFs that trade on US exchanges. But please keep the stock requests coming :pray:

We’ll take a look at adding Xtrackers Nifty 50 Swap UCITS ETF 1C in the meantime!

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