India ETF

Are there any cheap India tracking ETF’s that could be added to the Freetrade stock universe ?


I made a request for one last year.


Can you tell us more about why India ETFs are a good investment?

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Just saw this in finimize this morning:

India’s economy is currently the seventh largest in the world – and with 7% annual growth (compared to 2% in the US this year), India is expected to overtake France and the UK to sit in fifth by the end of 2019.


This is available -

But its not cheap, its 1.09% fee


Most of the Indian ETFs do not produce Key Information Documents, so they cannot be traded here. The xTrackers one does but it uses indirect replication.

The JPMorgan Indian Investment Trust is available in the Freetrade app, so it might be worth researching this. I know this is a trust rather than a ETF but thought I would mention it in case it covers your goals.

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From WSJ yesterday:

Time to Take Money Out of Indian Stocks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resounding success in last week’s Indian elections may make for a strong government, but a strong stock market won’t necessarily follow. Indian stocks have risen to record highs, but slowing economic growth and rising unemployment are only a few of the problems the new government faces. Jacky Wong says its a good time for investors to take money off the table

I did buy this as alternative. It’s +13% for me at the moment.

Fidelity India Focus is one of the funds in my pension and it performs fairly similarly with the same high fee.