Franklin FTSE India UCITS ETF 🇮🇳 - FRIN

IE00BHZRQZ17 ticker frin, lower fee than ishare msci India

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Not much love for that ETF out there in “commission free” world


Hi finki, is there a reason for the lack of love? Available on HL, ajbell

30 seconds of looking I’d say :

Very , very thin volumes through the market. So lack of liquidity.

Only 2 market makers on the book - Commerz and Susquhanna - neither of which are often bothered with arrangements with “smaller” players. You won’t find those Market Makers in any current FT disclosures… Execution venues

Ooo I like this tool! This is impressive.

Muchas Gracias

Phew! Since i’m not a professional dev this nearly broke me. It physically hurt to make this. Took me about 2 weeks and about 5 programming languages … pray it doesn’t crash otherwise I will honestly fall down crying in a corner…

But I thought it was useful

Seeing stock availability ‘live’ is key - across multiple platforms.

It’s kinda an arms race between brokers for the latest stocks… so this can help you to see your options


Well done on this @finki :slight_smile:

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@Charlotte Please could you add FTSE India UCITS ETF (FRIN) GBP

Hey @xim5 we’ll have a look at this and come back to you shortly (CC @Alexb)


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This ETF invests in large and mid-capitalisation stocks in India and seeks to track the performance of the FTSE India 30/18 Capped Index (the “Underlying Index”) as closely as possible, regardless of whether the Underlying Index level rises or falls.

@xim5 This ETF is now live on your app!


@Alex_B cheers, the costs and charges show as zero though, that can’t be right? :thinking:

From their website, ongoing charges seem to be 0.19%

Thanks @Alex_B @Charlotte :pray:

now I am going to upgrade to Freetrade Plus :smiley:


The Indian market has been on the up recently and this ETF has been doing well.

Screenshot from Google Finance of the share price since July 2019:

It seems that the Indian GDP has over taken the UK GDP, in dollar terms, and this has not been widely covered in the local UK media:

It pays to diversify.

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The problem with all Indian ETFs is the dominance of a few big companies. It’s just not diversified enough if 4 companies account for 25% of the portfolio.
Sad that this almost exclusively leaves active funds to invest in India.

Not sure why India surpassing the UK has any meaning. Per capita it would have meaning, but not real GDP. It’s rather sad that a country with a sixth of earth’s population still had a smaller GDP than a such a small country as the UK.

GDP per capita (WorldBank), dollar PPP:

Nothing much happend on a per capita basis in 60 years in India, it’s still underforming massively compared to most countries, especially China.

There is no doubt that there is massive growth in the various ecosystems:

as well as an increase in government spending, particularly in infrastructure investment, is helping growth. Consumption rose in double digits and investment is accelerating.”