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Dam I freaking sold at £1.60

Sold at 1.34 fuming I thought I could get back in at a lower price it keeps on going up I dont know whether to jump back on board now or not

Both, but mostly their future potential.

Also, I made an analysis of their last quarter if you see further up. IIRC they were 100% on revenue, which shows a massive upward trend for the company (before that most of their income was subsidies).

Also, they have managed to partner with massive engineering companies, which reduces their risk profile, increases potential market, and also validates them as a business.


And also partnered with Shell for a trial.

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It was the Ørsted partnership that excited me! Now there’s a company that I wish was on Freetrade!


Orsted can be voted for here: [Request 👋] Orsted - ORSTED -LSE:0RHE - not sure if its listed in London as well as Copenhagen.


Holding from November, occasionally I buy more if the price drop close 1£ per share. I got 117 shares and are up 82%! :fire:


Currently £1.99…:eyes:


This is just one of many articles pushing the narrative that private spending, and government spending [mentioned in other articles] on renewable energy could be a key driver in trying to rebuild the economy after Covid 19. Of course, it’s very much dependant on the ruling party following accepted economic theory of governments spending their ways out of recessions and not going down the catastrophic route of cuts and austerity again!

Still, it’s the kind of news I like to see and hopefully it bears fruit for ITM as well. You’d have thought the UK/North Sea area could be ‘the Saudi Arabia’ of green hydrogen if the will was there.


Just checked and it’s hit £2.01 :partying_face:

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Just read that both ITM and Ceres are to be included in the semi-annual reshuffle of the MSCI Small Cap World Index.

Hopefully this means the current uptick in both SP’s will continue in the next couple of weeks before the rejig occurs on the 29th May and be given a bit of a boost thereafter!

hold on tightly :rocket:


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I was doing similar - waiting for it to retrace closer to £1. There still might be a buying op if we stuff up coming out of lockdown and the virus has an early second wave (quite likely in my humbly view) but I expect a lot of positive news flow this year, each one likely to boost the SP. First is likely to be progress on the factory combined with an announcement on the first JV project with Linde. I expect that to be big (i.e over 50MW).

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Yeah FOMO I painfully got back in at 1.98 an opportunity to average that down would be great . Yeah I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before a second wave!

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Forget a retrace - this will probably end up at 300p sooner than we all think. I thought I got back in way too high at 180p and I’m already 25% up…and counting!


H2OzBus Project - Deploying Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Fleets for Public Transport across Australia


I wonder what this is going to do to Tesla? Will it pose a serious threat in years to come ? and does anyone know if small-scale hydrogen reclamation devices exist (for home use) and how efficient / inefficient these are (i’m thinking in terms of carbon usage).


I’ll start by saying I’m not an armchair scientist! I just like reading/watching a lot of things about the transisition to renewables and the storage options available too.

Hydrogen for normal consumer vehicles really is a dead end so Tesla will be ok. You might enjoy Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged channel on YouTube :slight_smile:

Hydrogen definitley has its place though in heavy vehicles*, shipping and maybe aviation if renewably synthetic liquid fuels don’t… “take off”. Hopefully it will also replace natural gas in power plants - I’m sure I saw an example of this in the news this week but I can’t find it now.

I doubt we’ll ever see hydrogen reclamation devices at home that, say, use electricity to split hydrogen from water and then store it to be combusted later to generate electricity. It’s more efficient just to put local and domestically produced electricity into batteries (which Tesla make for the home as well).

And some more YouTube - Hydrogen: The Savior of the Shipping Industry

*An anomaly - there’s a coal open cast mine at the top of a mountain that has HUGE dump trucks carrying out the rocks. They’re electric and travel downhill with a full load. Using regen breaking to slow down, the trucks themselves actually generate more electricity than they use to get back up the mountain when they’re empty.

I’m not convinced just yet because of this (, but i’ll take a look at Robert Llewellyns channel and see.

The downside of batteries is the massive amount of chemical waste which will be left when they are to be recycled or replaced.