Hydrogen/Clean energy projects for 2021

Let’s get this discussion going… I’ve been scoping around it seems things are taking off in this sector.

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£AFC, signed a big deal to provide clean energy for EV charging last month


I’ll 2nd AFC. Managed to get some at 10.91 a share. Now nearly 600% up :+1:


In my view a green industrial revolution has begun and in relation to the markets you would be insane to not begin supporting green projects of various descriptions. I recommend https://renews.biz/ https://electrek.co/ and https://www.electrive.com/ for news about the sector.

As far as specific stocks to aim for, the entire UK sector has grown significantly. Ceres, ITM and £INRG are probably leading the way, along with £TRIG, Simec, Bluefield, NextEnergy, Foresight and Greencoat. However, as with many stocks in the green arena like Tesla, the ridiculous growth of the last year won’t repeat so I think there’s a period of calm coming. But there’s plenty to be going on.

What’s most annoying is the Plus upgrade on FT has certain stocks id like, such as ilika Bacanora and Octopus.


This is my view also and it seems governments and many companies are moving towards this direction.

I myself have taken a position with ITM and currently looking into Plug Power, Ceres, AFC, Bloom Energy, & Ballard Power. Will be adding your suggested to my watchlist.


Ceres and ITM for me👍

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It’s also important to note the different type of stocks in the sector. There are some stocks with further potential for high growth like Ceres, ITM, etc (DYOR), but some of the stocks are income generating, like TRIG, Greencoat etc. and you won’t see explosive growth in stock price here…

For my own ESG considerations and for diversification I like to have a bit of all of the above.

I think a much overlooked sector is energy from waste. For that reason I think two companies to watch in this space are Simec Atlantis and Powerhouse Energy…

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I like ITM and you can’t go wrong with INRG for exposure across the renewables industry as a whole.

It’s been interesting to note that the UK has produced a couple of new green energy trusts in the last couple of months.

Not sure what it is about the UK and energy trusts?

The likes of Johnson Matthey JMAT, Lindel LIN, Brookfield Renewable Partners BEP-BEPC, BP, Royal Dutch Shell RDSB and etc. These amongst others will involved in the hydrogen market and could be considered.

This is Canadian but a really good prospect.

I think my play here is the clean energy ETF as there are so many companies that I find it difficult to work out the duds from the gems


More good news for AFC


Nice, thanks for this. Been hovering over AFC for a little while now.

Currently holding a nice chunk of INRG and Ceres that I got in July. Definitely considering ITM and $CWEN has my attention.

$TPIC is surging currently. They make the actual blades for the wind farms, so handy for mixing up your investments with the actual nuts and bolts of what’s already established alongside the newer Hyrdo research/development companies.

I’m new to all this. What is $TPIC

Its the ticker symbol for the company TPI Composites. They are a leading wind Turbine blade maker, they also make some composite vehicle parts. $TPIC is basically a short version for listing and the dollar signifies its a US stock


Thank you for that. I to have invested in green energy.


Oil-Rich Abu Dhabi Targets Hydrogen as Future Export Fuel


Hydrogen Breaks Through as the Hottest Thing in Green Energy


There must be a good reason why people with more knowledge and money than me are backing moving liquid hydrogen around instead of liquid ammonia but I don’t know what it is yet! I’m going to keep digging though.


Because hydrogen is better developed at the present time (and has some advantages over ammonia eg most of the ammonia fuel cells seem to be focused on larger transport needs such as shipping).

This is a reasonable summary of some of the reasons H2 and NH3 – the Perfect Marriage in a Carbon-free Society - Features - The Chemical Engineer

Hi I’m new to this what does AFC, ITM, $TPIC etc mean please?