Hydrogen stocks

I am looking to invest in any hydrogen stocks in the near future what do you all hold and your reasons for this I will be doing my DD but I need a few pointers on where to look. Thank you.

It’s a gas, so most chemical companies will somewhat profit from a potential boom. There are pure players as well, which is - of course - more risky. E.g. AFC energy in the UK.

I personally favour broader gas players like Linde or Air liquide.


Hydrogen fuel cells for automotive look promising and so may be a big positive in this sector

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I’m into hydrogen so have liked at all stocks:

  • Plug Power for sure: they are the most enterprising one. Tey signed a partnership with Renault in January, have backing from South Korea. Their stock was up to $75 when those companies invested and has since gone don to $30. So I am confident that they will do everything to make it rise again.

  • FCEL: a cheaper brother of PLUG. It ususally follows the PLUG stock pattern. Also, big rise but has gone down since. I believe that it won’t be the big stock like Plug but a good one to buy into. They are a target for takeover, more so than Plug, and Exxon mobil is eyeing up the opportunity.

  • Powerhouse: the only UK company. Developing waste to hydrogen factories, using recycled tires among other things. Still experimental, but can be good.

  • Bloom and Ballard I did not get into but Ballard is owned partly by Chinese investors which is seen as a liability. Bloom can be good because it is the only one developing technology for use in ships. However, oil is still cheap so I don’t think they will get much traction in that market soon.

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I’ve been really interested in hydrogen stocks too… but it feels as though they got very overhyped and became a bubble, like a lot of EV companies.

They’ve pulled back quite a bit but I’m just not sure if the bubble’s popped or if we’re still in it.

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I think it was wishful thinking with the new Biden government. But Hydrogen will need time, just as EVs did EVs are finally becoming mainstream, hydrogen will too but it needs a bit of time. It’s good that there was a pullback so the companies can work a bit in the shadow rather than being in the spotlight and risking becoming a memestock.


I have invested in Powerhouse, I like the company’s approach and aims to turn end of life plastic into clean energy. A new plant opening in the UK makes this a potnetial growth stock over the coming year I think.

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There are also a couple of hydrogen themed ETFs but they are not yet available on Freetrade

HDRO VanEck Vectors Hydrogen Economy
HTWG L&G Hydrogen Economy

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Check out Helium One Global (HE1) but very speculative so do your research.


Thanks for the heads up @AJHY
Helium One Global - Helium not Hydrogen
(double click on the video)

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There are industrial processes that will use hydrogen. Shipping and aviation are likely to need it in some form. Long range trucking may use it, but only the longest 10-20% of journeys. For personal vehicles it’s looking like there will only be very small niches due to the inefficiencies of the process and the cost of infrastructure.

Liebreich: Separating Hype from Hydrogen – Part One: The Supply Side | BloombergNEF (bnef.com)

I haven’t spent much time looking at the specific companies involved, but I work in market analysis for logistics/shipping, and have come to the conclusion that for long-distance haulage, at least, hydrogen and/or others fuels (ammonia etc.) will be the future, since electric, at least with current technology, is not feasible. No doubt there will be some step change at some point, but currently, electric for trucks just isn’t going to work. In the absence of anything else, hydrogen is the front runner.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned ITM. There’s a decent thread in ITM (and Powerhouse (which as someone who works very closely in that sector I think is a basket case)).


I don’t know about ITM, it looked less appealing than other Hydrogen stocks. Regarding PHE: I want to think positively but the cynical person in me can see the basket case hypothesis. I hope they can get their factories built and start making money.

ITM power by far the best hydrogen stock in my view. Its hard to know what applications hydrogen will find long term but its impossible to deny that the world is going to need enormous numbers of electrolysers which is ITM’s bread and butter. They have class leading tech, top level partners and the worlds biggest electrolyser factory. Some massive years of growth ahead in my opinion and probably a FTSE 100 company in 3-4 years.

I also like Ceres - their tech and IP is impressive - but I struggle with fuel cell orientated companies. There is so much momentum behind batteries that I think many will get squeezed out.

Siemens energy are also likely to be big in hydrogen as well. They have their own electrolysers and the balance to grow quickly although its a tiny proportion of their business at the moment and not generally considered a hydrogen stock (which is either a positive or negative depending on what the prevailing sentiment is!).