Hydrogen future

Hi been looking at a few hydrogen stocks what do we all think about hydrogen power in the short medium and longterm ? Anyone holding any hydrogen stocks ?

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I personally think that there is huge potential in hydrogen technology but knowing which stocks to pick is the challenge! There is a lot of speculation and tons of startups rushing to go bust - but there is major promise and I suspect that it will the successor to battery tech in energy density intensive applications like transport and flight.

I understand that Plasma Kinetics’ technology was considered a disruptive technology by the US government and suppressed for some time so that it didn’t destroy the battery industry. They are developing a solid state hydrogen capture, storage and delivery cassette in-one with very high energy density!

I have a little investment in hydrogen ETFs but not sure which ones are best.

If anyone has any suggestions on good funds I would be interested too.



I’m bullish on Hydrogen. I think combustion is required for large vehicles such as trucks (they struggle to get electric to work for these). Also, its the most abundant element in the universe. Only downside is that its hard to store, due to being a gas.

There’s two Hydrogen ETF’s that I know of on Freetrade. £HGEN and £HTWF.


Huge potential but i think hydrogen stocks will need a correction. Investors have overestimated the use-case for hydrogen.

Hydrogen is not a replacement for batteries. The energy-to-power efficiency of batteries is much higher than hydrogen and it will continue to get better. The only use case for hydrogen is for the hard-to-abate sectors e.g. aviation & shipping as well as very long-haul trips - still an interesting opportunity to invest but there is a lot of noise at the moment around hydrogen.

Basically, what I’m saying is, it’s risky.


UK gov has also just released their Hydrogen Champion Report


I’m holding AFC. Hydrogen, but also ammonia cracking to generate hydrogen (RNS out today for that). One of the few stocks in AIM I’ve invested in.

One for holding for a few years.

I hold phe and hydroegn utopia so looking at adding a few more when i get a couple of grand next month

Welcome to the community @ricardo81

I’m holding some AFC too. Not much as I’m a bit green at all this!

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Just to clarify of the above i want to expand my hydrogen pie. I have afc hydrogen utopia and phe

What are the others as i carnt find them when i search

Same for me. Less than 5% of my shares held and it’s the moonshot punt! My average is in the mid 20s. In a few other renewable shares like UKW and ORIT which are fairly conservative so AFC is my foray into speculation. They last raised money at 50p or so, think the lows are due to lack of news and hard commercialisation agreements- but feels like they’re in a good place to capitalise.

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You could do a lot worse than have a look at this company,they will be crowdfunding on CrowdCube as a bridging raise before the big money comes in!


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Already planning on a bit in this tbf

Recently put a bit in cph2 nothing exciting going on thir but nice 10 year contract to supply thrir product

Well looks like i entered these at the right time

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CPH2 have a presentation tomorrow. Quite possible the bottom was put in between here and 16p.

Enough cash in company to see them through. Big news could come any time …

I have 11 hydrogen stocks this is most probly the least exciting one. But the safest bet in the long run dyor

I don’t think investing is about how exciting a company is, it’s whether it’s at a low point and undervalued. Could be that level around here imo