Sunday hot seat

Anyone have any stocks they’re itching to buy following a weekend of investigations or just random chit chat…

I’m personally thinking of

increasing my position in AirBNB for a long term, but looking for a dip pre transaction
I’m in agreement with Motley Fools recent recommendation that ABNB is simply going to keep growing

Dipping my toes into pineapple power,
as a total lockdown gamble

Increasing position in CIIG if there’s a dip
I like the idea of commercial EV

I wanted to get into CCIV but their valuation now is pretty mega… and assuming that if it is the EV target the upside may be baked in

DYOR, mine is probably all bogus


Everything hydrogen related and anything I can find related to liqiud ammonia as well. bonus points if it’s outside the UK and in the EU as I have zero faith in the current governing party to help UK business in any way at all. Future fuels excite me the most, I just wish I had more surplus cash to shovel in.

On the plus side, Freetrade has been the motivating factor in me cutting back on spending as much as possible - buying less, buying cheaper - so that I have more surplus cash to put in.


Do you know something the rest of us don’t? Over on the PNPL chat topic everyone is struggling to find any information and are wading through tweets about the price that seem to be artificially raising it.

I do gamble some cash (taking a punt) but not when I simply can’t find much information on the target.

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It’s likely me on the Pineapple chat saying I can’t find anything after looking :wink: no I don’t know anything more. To me it would be the equivalent to buying a lottery ticket which I would never do myself ;)! The more I think about it the more stupid the idea becomes…

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You do you. I think it can be fun to take a punt if you can afford to lose. I’ve still got it on my watchlist despite saying I won’t touch it :wink:

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Dipped my toe into bloom energy… their fuel variable server sounds like a very interesting idea, and it supports hydrogen… only researched on google…

I wonder what percentage of chat on this forum is energy related of sorts be it EV, battery suppliers, commodities used in batteries, alternative etc etc - it’s hard to tell who’s going to be here with what technology in the future!

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I’m hoping to move some money about at some point in order to gain some exposure to the lithium supply chain away from EV stocks.

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I had the same idea, moved a little Tesla into Bacanora. Also quite interested in vanadium flow batteries :slight_smile: … again… I don’t fully understand either, but both interesting

I’m considering cashing out Tesla (I don’t hold much) and putting it between Bloom and Bacanora.

I’m trimming Tesla as soon as the market opens :slight_smile:

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I have a week off work and tomorrow I am due to go through all my bookmarks here and consider my positions everywhere.

Today on my list, I have to trim my bear and trim Tesla! Both 100%, only 1 mandated by the better half :joy:

You have a pet bear :slight_smile:
Almost as strange as
Having to trim your pet bear :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s lazy “I’m not working today” typing for you. Alas my beard will be getting the trim, my bear I don’t own until some investments pull through!!! :grinning:

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