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I’m deeply into EV’s and the lithium market and have expectations of some significant gains in the medium term. However, as a motorist myself I can see some consumer kickback on EV’s however nice they may look.
Of course the biggest disadvantage is the charging time and range. Those alone would give me cause for concern.
I’m thinking hydrogen will become the mainstay in the mid term and beyond. For a start it will be easier for refuelling points to be added into existing filling station forecourts.
Linde seems to be better positioned to go with this technology.

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It’s already on the platform. Search for $LIND or LINDE - discussion thread here

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I know. I bought some this morning but just wanted to open it to discussion for others who are looking at it. I see the Toyota Mirai is in UK dealerships right now, but just at present the number of refuelling points is very low. That’s where I see the likes of Linde coming in.

The link from the app is broken - I reported it - just just the link in link above and you can see other are already talking about it.