The broadcaster behind shows such as Love Island, they broadcast content on their TV channels and online.

Bought towards end August 20 and have enjoyed some good growth. Went for this due to the recent BritBox start up with the BBC. I’m holing for further growth, I think there is some way to go yet.

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At 1.06 now

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I held this before the coronavirus crash but held firm, bought the dip and is now one of my highest UK returns by percentage at 37%

Still think its a while off before they pay a dividend again and I’m not sure how much more growth there is but maybe worth a sell to cash in some profits

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Surprised by the low interest in ITV, it’s not one I hold but surprised more don’t. £4bn market cap - not sure why more global media companies aren’t eyeing this one.

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I sold in March at £1.23 per share making a 102% profit. I’m considering buying back in if the price drops some more.

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Lovely rise in price today

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Can you do a Stock Analysis on Ehang Please

I’ll have a look but doubt that’s something I’d be interested doing a video on.

Alibaba & NIO are both in my list!

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Why has itv tanked this week? :thinking:

One of the brokers downgraded it after its results this week.


ITV is the biggest and most popular commercial television channel in the United Kingdom.


How do you think ITV’s upcoming Britbox will fare against the well established giants of Netflix and Amazon? :thinking:

Absolutely smash it out the park… just kidding… look here’s Lewis Hamilton showing them how it’s done :upside_down_face:

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ITV shares down around 10% so far today as the firm announced its latest numbers.

Key takeaways:

  • 2019 pretax profit dipped 6.5% to £530 million from £567 million in 2018
  • Operating costs spiked 6.1% from £2.61 billion to £2.77 billion
  • Total group revenue rose from £3.77 billion in 2018 to £3.89 billion – a 3.2% rise.


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Down 26% today :grimacing:

From Simply Wall Street


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