J Sainsbury plc 🛒 - SBRY

Up 6% already this morning…

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Sainsburys getting in on the cashier less stores now too, all backed by Amazon Technology.


Deep dive : SP doing well recently.

5% this month

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Hello everyone, this seems like a very cheap share to me with what’s going on at the moment.

Why is the sp dropping when competitors in the industry are rising?

My understanding was they declared profits would sink in the next year and there is doubt over the dividend being maintained at the current level. I was thinking of buying too but I’ve held off for now.

Sainsbury’s is no different as Tesco shares are going lower as well, but we are in a cost of living crisis so this will affect the share price.

Sainsbury’s is in a good position if you ask me as they have reduced the non lease debt in the business significantly so that will help over the difficult period and they have been open that the profits will be at the lower end due to the current environment and in my opinion is they are making expectations at the lower end.

Also don’t forget it will be harder for Sainsbury’s due to the Argos side of the business.

But in my own opinion for me its still a worth while investment as they have good business and its dividends have been good and granted dividends may go down for the next year but the business is still on good ground.

This is my own opinion please make sure you do your own research


Looks like you were right the share price has dropped again.

Thank you for your insight, I think I’ll stay away from this one

I can’t find morrsions on here

You wont find Morrisons as it was brought out by private equity last year, Sainsburys & Tesco are the only public large supermarkets now.


Cheers m8

Have taken a position in SBRY, it’s beginning to look very tempting for US Private Equity firms and would not be surprised if takeover rumours begin in the next 6 months. Am not that optimistic about the short term share price appreciation, there seems to be support as £1.50 level so am prepared for 25% haircut but IMO the stock is beginning to bottom and the fundamentals should start to align. So a cautious buy on a hunch, but that’s stockpicking :slight_smile:


There always are private equity rumours around Sainsburys however private equity likes to buy cheap which won’t happen here as the board wouldn’t entertain any offer under £3 a share as they don’t have too as the 2 largest shareholders have said they are happy with the way the business is run and the strategy and the payout to shareholders so there would have to be a fairly good offer to tempt them and the board to agree any takeover as Sainsburys is a very well run business and has a few profit streams

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I completely agree, but it could be argued that an offer over £3 is definitely possible given that the business is definitely worth that just if you think they can keep market share in the next decade, let alone maybe steal a little from their competitors. Of course Sainsbury has been losing market share for decades but maybe private equity reckon they can do a reversal. IDK but IMO I think an offer over £3 a share is not unlikely.

well the 2 biggest shareholders might take it private if an offer did come in as qatar were planning one before Sainsburys took over argos.

And now the integration costs of argos and habitat have been done it now looks much more attractive.

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Inflation is having a laugh. My favourite fresh roll at Sainsbury’s up from 35p to 50p. 43% up.

Made me go and look at the stock. I see it is teeny weeny bit up because today’s numbers (sales fall c. 4% in Q1) is in line with what the market expected.

To be fair the results considering the market conditions at the moment is relatively positive but we still have a long way to go so hopefully it will continue as well as it is so far and maybe improve slightly but i still see this as a good holding stock and a buy stock when its around the £2 mark in my own opinion.

That is your call. Today’s online FT quotes an analyst who says it

still underperformed market leader Tesco

I have no opinion on Sainsbury’s other than I wish they hadn’t increased the price of my favourite roll by 42%.


@bitflip the single issue activist investor.



I’m buying SBRY. £1.70 with no announced divided cut (yet - I’m sure it’s probably coming) is, in my opinion, a good deal.

I’m aware of the earnings forecasts and clearly this cost of living crisis is not going away any time soon, but I like the company, I like the brand, and I also like that they appear to be looking after their staff fairly well at the moment too. As a longer term hold, I think this is good value. DYOR.