J Sainsbury plc SBRY

The retailer is one of the big four supermarkets in the UK. They have several businesses including financial services and property development.

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Classic. Not sure why they are on the way down. Has anyone got any discussion points please?

Because the German retailers are slowly destroying Sainsburys and Tesco.


Yep, squeezed by Aldi/Lidl at the low end and by Ocado at the high end, leaves them in a mid-market position that really doesn’t play well in a COVID market.


Sainburys ripe for a takeover/merger as it owns Argos too. Plenty of store space to combine brands/offerings and that’s the appeal for me going forward.

Worth looking at their IMS presentation here: https://www.about.sainsburys.co.uk/~/media/Files/S/Sainsburys/documents/reports-and-presentations/2021/FY21%20Q3%20Slide%20deck%20final.pdf

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I also recently brought some on the combination of argos being a winner in lockdown and divi is always good.

Take over talk is outplayed… They tried that with Asda but that got stopped.

Sainbury, M&S PLC float your boat? :grinning:

Like it…:+1: That would be wonderful … M&S super grow there food side and sains get the online ocado side…

Would leave a lot of empty high streets…

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Speculation today that a Czech billionaires investment firm is targeting Sainsbury’s for a takeover and take it private.

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I have always felt the colour scheme is very dated and needs modernising :+1: It may sound stupid but I feel like I am shopping in the 80s when there, even though the products are decent. It feels very beige/magnolia :joy: :man_facepalming:
It’s just lost it’s ID, it doesn’t scream we are cheap, exclusive, ethical or anything to my mind.

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I agree on the colour scheme, looks tired and dated (orange and brown very 70s) still my preferred supermarket of the big 4 and the visuals are not irretrievable for sure but a bit of a facelift of stores and a move to have a bit more up market presence would be a benefit.

Think them, Tesco and Morrison’s are good long term investments despite the low cost German competition and the Sainsbury’s local and Tesco express set those two apart.


Sainsburys cost of covid.
Sales went up but spending on covid increased too


Not surprising they made a loss - but not all bad news and explainable- lost petrol sales and general covid expenses (hopefully now one off costs). But overall sales up and online sales up 102%.

Going forward I expect improved performance especially as they start to focus on their core market and making sure the low cost German competition aren’t taking more market share.

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@Prits9 ’ In February 2021, EG Group and TDR Capital acquired Asda. Walmart retains an equity investment in Asda, a seat on the board and ‘an ongoing commercial relationship.’ The deal came after an acquisition by Sainsbury’s was rejected by the Markets and Competitions Authority.’ Wikipedia

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Sainburys now the most shorted stock on LSE :astonished:


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Ex dividend date is end of the month, share value drop after that? Not a significant one.
There was also talk a few weeks ago of a buy out planned by a Slovak billionaire to take it private, maybe that’s no longer the case and so expect a bit of movement away for speculative investors