B&M European Retail 🛒 - BME

This large bulk discounter sells homeware, electronics and much more at low, low prices.

Ugh. Anyone with me? I’m holding out for an increase after a terrible two days.

What’s caused the sell off? Now a time to buy?

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I was in this stock a few months ago. Isn’t this fall because of Brexit fears and the roisk of no deal? B&M gets lots of its stuff from abroad so I can imagine that it will have problems in January. The bodrer control training in Dover yesterday caused a long queue. Even if they stocked up, they will need run out of stock eventually.

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Yeah, that sounds very likely to be the case.

What impact will the sell off by the owning family of quite a lot of shares mean? Is this why they paid another extra dividend to keep share holders sweet?

That’s how I’m thinking right now. Share price is nice and low, but keep an eye on it :grin:

Thoughts on this stock now?

They also own Heron Foods which is a fantastic little shop with a number of branches across the country.

As I wrote a few months ago: Brexit will affect this business a lot. They source a lot of products from abroad and there is now the shortage of HGV drivers so deliveries will become difficult.


Dividend payment received.


Same. Received my dividend as well.

On another note, hayd anyone heard of Heron Foods, a bargain store which B&M own?

Yes, we have a local Heron Foods store and I had read that B&M own them.

Hi, my company is a contractor for heron foods so when b&m buy buildings to make into heron stores we go in and do the fit out for them, im actually working in a heron store as we speak… we’ve been doing them for a few years now and when i heard b&m were considering buying them i was very new to investing but took the plunge.
Now b&m are in control they are buying a lot more buildings and expanding the “heron” brand a lot faster than before b&m bought them out. The way they are going i can see there being 2/3 heron stores in every town in the next 5 years (mostly northern towns i must add, we are based in the midlands and we have only ever gone as south as luton).
Anyway, probably mostly useless info for you all and this is my first post but thought id just add a bit of background to the heron foods comment.


Welcome Alex, and thanks for the ‘on the ground’ info!

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Welcome to the forum @Alex_s :wave:t2:

The health of any community is to hear from a diverse range of voice with information form different sources.

Hopefully you’ll find this forum a welcoming place. Feel free to ask the give mind, there is a wealth of knowledge here. :brain: :brain: :brain:


The insight is very welcome. Thank you for sharing; and well said Neil.


Is this 10% dividend sustainable? I know it probably won’t stay as high as 10% but do they have enough money to cover it? Do they not have any debts to pay off instead? Thanks

Dividend yield is a reverse looking metric so isn’t to be relied on for future dividends.

Last dividend value / current share price = dividend yield

The last dividend was high in relation to the last final declare dividend but they seem to have issues so sizeable special dividends over the last 24 months. Maybe some long term holders can shed light on the company financials but seem only to have £700k in debt.

SimplyWallSt - snowflake analysis lists the company as: Outstanding track record and good value.
Trading at 34.1% below our estimate of fair value
Earnings are forecast to grow by 3.1% per year
Earnings grew by 109.9% over the past year
Has a high level of debt
Unstable dividend track record


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Hi all,

Complete beginner here
I understand dividends are most commonly paid quarterly? Do you need a specific amount of shared with B&M to receive anything? I’m not 100% sure and curious to know
Thanks all

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