JaJa credit card

(Emma) #1

There’s a new credit card. I’m not entirely convinced by it (mainly because of its name tbh) and I can’t see they’re doing anything that new but they’re crowdfunding on Seedrs. What do you all think, have I missed an obvious selling point?



Looks like a competitor to Tandem :man_shrugging:

High interest rate though - I’ll stick with my curve for all credit card spend

(Emma) #3

Having fired off a few questions to one of JaJa’s founders on another forum (it’s pronounced YaYa btw) it’s a bit more interesting than I first thought. Convert part of your balance into instalment based loan, instantly issued digital card and “remove the silos in the credit space”. That last bit sounds like it’s very meaningful and important but I need to google it to be sure :grimacing:

(Abdullahi) #4

Here are some of it’s features seems interesting: -

Key features of JaJa include fast onboarding, the ability to tag and search transactions and the option to share credit limits with trusted friends and family. Repayments and account settings can all be managed within the app, which provides links to bank accounts for paying off credit.


Do they mean offering part of your credit to others and becoming a guarantor?


£18m Pre-money Valuation seeking £3m for 14.25% Equity:


:astonished: without seeing the pitch it sounds like they’ve overvalued the current offer, should be interesting to see what they actually have so far to justify this.


I agree. They’ve raised £7m to bring the company to this stage; now Round 1 crowdfund.

Freetrade raised a similar amount but @ R3 but with a more convincing disruptive model & addressable market, etc imho.

Be interesting to see their pitch soon.


I signed up on their waiting list for beta testers because Android is available. I look forward to their campaign.




If this is the case, I can see it all ending in tears…it’s never a good thing to lend money to family or friends, never mind allowing them credit from your credit card!


Yep and there’ll people who don’t realise being a guarantor is more than just vouching for someone, it is agreeing to make good on the debt and any fees if the debt isn’t paid.


I ended up putting in a little amount on this one. I’ll update one day how this turns out to be. :sweat_smile: