JISA vs Self Management

Hi there - I guess I’m looking for some justification here in terms of investing for my two young daughters.

Currently I’m holding funds for them in Junior ISAs (in their names). However, having been playing around with Trading 212, I really like the idea of having a pie that is dedicated to them, that I can manage myself, without paying a fee.

However, am I right in thinking that when I come to withdraw my funds in 15-18 years time for university, house deposits etc. I’m going to be hit with a 20% CGT tax bill?

If that’s the case, then that’s a pretty high cost for just using a nice feature within Trading 212. Therefore, the sensible thing would be to leave everything in JISAs, right? Or am I missing something?

Thanks very much for your thoughts in advance!

Not if you bed and breakfast the gains. ie realise up to 10k of gains each year which is (currently) exempt from CGT.

This however assumes you don’t do this already. Otherwise yes you would be best putting their funds into a JISA.