JISA Fidelity experience

I’m looking to open two JISA for my kids.

Probably going to go with fidelity but would love some feedback on people who use it as to how they like it.

Also the funds don’t seem as clear cut as the vanguard option if anyone uses fidelity do they have a recommendation for a fund 80+ in equity. Obviously will DMOR but it’s nice to know others choices.


I’ve actually use them - I’ve just set up a Direct Debit for my kids (£25 a Month) & just forgot about it.

The Funds which I used is the “Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% Equity Inc”.

For me it quite easy to set up and forget about it afterwards


Scottish Friendly have a decent one with a fair choice of risk in the funds offered. I set up one for my granddaughter. Monthly recurring payment -easy.

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Thanks both :+1:t2:.

I’m using fidelity for the past 8 months paying 200 per month have had no issues

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I’ve gone ahead with fidelity though haven’t chose a fund yet.

Hi @TheGreatGatsby. I am also a Fidelity user for my childrens JISAs. The zero platform fees, no transaction costs, and low fund charges made it a bit of a no brainer. Overall, I think the user experience is pretty decent.

As for funds, I am currently a bit risk off and hold a few defensive funds. But for a single fund that is similar to Vanguard Lifestrategy you could look at Fidelitys own multi-asset funds. We currently own a chunk of this one: Fidelity Investment Funds IV - Fidelity Multi Asset Allocator Adventurous Fund W Accumulation Portfolio Overview | GB00B893BN59 | Fidelity

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Hi Java, thanks for the feedback, I’ll have a look into the fidelity fund mentioned really useful thank you

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I am using them. Fairly straightforward.
The fees for buying market traded ETFs and stocks are insane but you can find things like S&P fund among their own funds which are free to buy and sell.

Atm i have my childs jisa in wealthify which is simple enough for me until we maybe get it on freetrade