Best Junior ISA and SIPP

What are everyone’s recommendations for Junior ISA and Junior SIPP. Currently using AJ Bell Youinvest but dealing charge is £9.95 per trade. Anyone aware of good zero-fee options like FreeTrade that provide Junior ISA and Junior SIPP?

Hi @StevenK

I’ve been banging the drum, with many others, for Freetrade to support a JISA & ideally JSIPP too. It’s in the long term plan but you’re right not to be waiting.

I used Vanguard and have the money in VWRL but would love to have the ability to pick a few moonshot ideas given the 15+ year horizon.

There was some talk on this thread about other options which might be worth a scan through.

P.S you’re not allowed to mention ‘that broker’ without upsetting an already angry & overly milked @CashCow !


Please include a trigger warning at the start of your post before using that kind of language around here. Tut tut…

Also AJ Hell are planning on launching a new service called DooDoo that will have free trading and ‘a number of different accounts’. I’m sure it will have more strings attached than the Liverpool Philharmonic. It’s not launched yet but should probably be on your radar.

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I’ve got a junior ISA with vanguard and just setting up a junior SIPP with Fidelity, i understand Fidelity don’t have a service charge for their Junior SIPPs/ISAs.

Like others, would be keen for Freetrade to offer junioor SIPPs, ISAs and LISAs

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Interactive Investor account comes with a free JISA. Just the dealing costs but these can also be free if you are doing it as a regular monthly purchase.

Several fund managers provide JISA’s with no dealing costs … go and have a look at a bunch of your favourite fund managers sites to see this. This option obviously is not a great one if you want to make a variety of investments (shares, funds from different providers)