What platform for Junior ISA?

I currently have an ISA via a ROBO and my wife and I share an ISA on Freetrade.
Thinking of opening up a junior ISA for the kids and either a GIA for an additional portfolio or adding the ETF’s to the current portfolio I share with my wife on Freetrade.

Based on the Junior ISA account I want to open, would it be best to find a new platform for the Junior ISA and keep the Freetrade ISA as is or transfer the Freetrade ISA onto a new platform where the Junior ISA will sit?

What are the points to consider when making this change?

Vanguard do a nice and simple Junior ISA at a low cost.
If you want more investment options then you’d need to look at AJ Bell, HL or interactive investors which all charge higher fees and commissions

Some brokers do offer the Junior ISA for free if you have an account with them or cap ongoing costs across account types but there aren’t many ISAs that are better value than Freetrade’s


Lots of other places like Wealthify or Nutmeg if you want a more managed JISA.

I second this. The vanguard platform is pretty clunky but it’s cheap. 0.15% + 0.22% for VWRL.

The JISA at Interactive Investor (II) is free if you have a trading account there (in addition, you also get a ISA free for that). The trading account is £9.99 a month. Of course you still have the cost of buying a fund … but II makes it free for a regular monthly investment.

The issue more is your ROBO requirement … You could buy any fund or go for one of their model Vanguard portfolio’s (there is an extra cost for those … I don’t know how much)

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