Your experience with Vanguard?

I’m looking to set up a Junior ISA next year and have also been looking for a better option for my wife’s pension. Researching options for both has led me to Vanguard, mainly because the fees are lower than everyone else.

Does anyone else use them? Would you recommend them?

I have my main investments with them. Their fees are low and they have a decent range of funds.

I’ve also just applied to transfer my daughters cash JISA over to them and I’ll convert it to a S&S JISA. So undecided what to invest in. I’m thinking life strategy 100 but the markets are to heavy and I don’t want to chuck it all in at once at the high end.

Their support is mixed. They are quick to respond but don’t always provide the highest level of support. They refused to post out the JISA transfer form so now I need to find a printer somewhere.

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I don’t think they’ve launched the SIPP yet, I’m on the waiting list. I think they said it’s launching early 2020.

Yeah, I’ve put my name on the waiting list.

I have an ISA with them. Good website and choice of products at a reasonable charge. I would move my existing JISA investments to them but minimum sum for automatic regular investing is £100 ( £50 at HL ).

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I have my main ISA with them. Low fees, and really good customer service.


Just fill it in on your computer…?

I have a S&S ISA with them. There good, fees are low. Does a good job

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I’m not sure if you can. I have done this with other companies who insist on a wet signature. You’d have thought they would have advised to do this if they accepted an electronic signature.

My dad has an actual signature scanned onto his computer which he then inserts into documents like these. He’s been doing it for ages and I’m not aware of it ever being an issue. I’ve done the same although I’ve had to use it maybe once or twice at most and it hasn’t been a problem.

This. Adobe has an app that you can even write your signature on your phone and save it then insert it into documents.

Vanguard have launched their SIPP product:


Hi All,

iam trying to setup transfer of HL Sipp account to Vanguard ,and iam not able to find the Pension account number or policy number from HL , can anyone help me where can i find this on HL site, i have tried the annual statement but it doesnt show any number .

Awesome, I think I joined the email waiting list like a year ago!

It’s your account number. If you’ve the app it’s at the top left of the screen once you’re logged in.

Thank you @john