Investments for the children/kids

I’m curious to know what community members are doing in terms of investments for their children?

My partner and her family love premium bonds but I’m not convinced this is going to be the best way to grow our daughter’s money although it is very unlikely (not sure if it’s even possible) to go down in value.

I’m looking into JISAs with Vanguard at the moment as I don’t mind paying a fee if it’s working towards getting an increase in returns. I do need to look at similar companies which offer a similar service and check their fees and offerings.


I have both a JISA and Junior SIPP for mine. Both invested in the same funds, and one specific stock. They’re doing much better than my portfolio…

Reason for the SIPP - I’m not expecting much of a state pension when I get to retirement. I don’t expect they will either. And I wish I’d started contributing more to my pension much earlier.


A friend of mine lets her children choose which companies they invest in based on the brands they love. They do it in JISAs. Her reason was her kids would take a more active interest in investing if they understood the companies they were investing in and how share prices relate to the actual business performance. I remember her telling me that they have so far invested in Disney (due to Marvel) and Nike. Not bad…


Junior ISAs with HL : £50 / month in LifeStrategy 100 with HL. Would go direct with Vanguard but their minimum regular investment is £100.


I’m not sure about the outcome but if you ignore that minimum I’ve had 0 issues so far