John Wood Group plc - WG. - Share chat

This company provides engineering, support and maintenance services to the energy and construction industries.

I’d just like to get it out there that this is probably my worst investment mistake, made when I was very early in my investment journey but luckily not a huge amount though enough to sting!

I should just bin it but it remains in my portfolio to remind me that I do not know everything about investing!

I probably made my purchase during that nice rise in share price, leading up to the red circle…

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Interestingly he1 was one of my first an worst, but have managed to get lucky and out of jail with thst one. Good luck! Hopefully they have some sort of recovery for you

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I bought in after apollo dropped their interest in a take over currently up 5 odd % and slowly building a position from my buy in looks like a reasonable long term proposition

I do think it’s a good long term stock, I just bought at totally the wrong time :laughing: :dizzy_face:

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