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Jumia (JMIA), dubbed the “Amazon of Africa”, IPO’ed today (Friday 12th April) on the NYSE, selling 13.5 million American Depository Shares at $13 to $16.

I think not only would this be an excellent opportunity for Freetrade to offer access to the African continent via the NYSE, it will also be a great opportunity for all Freetrade users to invest into an exciting company in an exciting market.

It would be great to see it added to the Freetrade app!


A 65% increase in stock price at time of writing: NYSE

+1 interesting prospect

Agree! How does one go about getting freetrade to consider a stock? Do they just check this forum?

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We do :wink: there’s more info about how the #stock-requests work & how we use them to prioritise which stocks to add here Stock Requests category reloaded: "Stock Requests & Discussions".


Ah excellent, thanks for the info Alex.

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Just to note: Hargreeves Landsdown (HL) have just added JMIA, allowing users to trade this stock.

Although it is not a true African startup :triangular_flag_on_post: it is the predominant e commerce platform in the region, so it is likely to grow. Freetrade what would it take to make this happen ?

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a ‘CDI’ for the stock, which we’d need in order to enable you to invest in them.

We’ve explained why CDIs are important in more detail here.

Has this changed by any chance?

This Nigerian e-commerce site lets you buy everything from flights to fridges.

I’m in - this stock is hilarious to watch…
Will it or won’t it?

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It might. Some investors like the long-term growth aspect. That might drive the share price.

But it might also fail of course.


First time I’ve seen a Jumia headline for a while, and I checked their share price, they had a stellar 2020. Anyone in on this?

The last I heard of them, there were fraud allegations. But from the article, Citron who initiated the fraud complaints, then went long. Sounds like the kind of manipulative bullshit that makes me glad they got burnt with Gamestop.

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I wandered in at $10 and it’s the only anchor (for now) to my somewhat absurdly aggressive portfolio as I watch all my other holdings float away…

I just can’t decide whether to hodl or sell :woman_shrugging: